UK to Nigeria Runway: Onyx By Valentina is one brand to look out for.

Female luxury brand, Onyx by Valentina showcased a unique and exquisite collection of hand-beaded outfits at Africa Fashion Week London 2018 last weekend.

Her designs are crafted through the use of handmade beadwork to tell the story in every piece. Her brand name Onyx by Valentina broken down for us – Onyx is a black precious stone, symbolizing the black woman adorned in her bejeweled piece all created by Valentina. Her parents contributed hugely to her love for fashion as her father was a chronic art collector and her mother very fashionable.

The brand was “born some years ago out of the love for pure art, the love of creating something out of the ordinary solely inspired by God. It has been an interesting journey so far and I am grateful to God for the impact the business has had and is having till date” – CEO Valentina Utoh.

Her designs are so elegantly done that it is hard to miss them when spotted. We are so excited to have her showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria runway fresh from AFWL2018 runway.