I Did Not Know I Would Get Far This Quick Haillie Sumney

Hailliote Sumney a Canadian-born Ghanaian, born to Dr. Kodjoe Sumney and Dr. Akosuah Sumney. Moved to the United States, had her tertiary education at Riverside University in California and later moved to Africa to pursue her acting career. She is an actress, TV personality and brand influencer.  She made her acting debut starring in TV series, Heels and Sneakers, produced by Yvonne Nelson.  She has interviewed celebrities such as Boris Kodjoe, Michael Blackson, Becca, Stonebwoy and others. She is also a brand ambassador to a London – based shoe brand, Jésu Segun alongside Stonebwoy who is the male ambassador. In 2019, she was selected as the host for 4Syte TV’s BET Awards red carpet.Hi beautiful, can we get to know you?

My name is Haillie Sumney. I would say I am shy yet fun, classy, hardworking and spontaneous young lady. Starting with fashion which I am known for, I like to call myself, Simply Fashionable. I love to take fashion risk but in a subtle way. I am currently the female brand ambassador for Jesu-SégunLondon Bespoke Shoes, hair ambassador for Senak Hair Collections in Ghana. I am a food lover, always trying out the latest restaurants worldwide especially in Ghana and Nigeria and very daring with my taste bud. I can go from eating Sushi for lunch and Egusi for dinner. I was a nurse in California before I got into acting 3 to 4 years ago in West Africa. My first TV job was as a Presenter for 4Stye TV Studio in Ghana. I am also into Real Estate. I love to travel and explore.

 Why did you leave nursing for acting and entertainment in general?

Acting and Modeling was always a passion for me. I would go for castings when I was younger in America and take part in Play and Drama classes. So when I returned home from the Diaspora, I decided to dive right in. How has the journey been so far?

Of course it has ups and downs but when you genuinely enjoy doing something, it is always worth it. People on the outside see the glitz and glam, also the red carpet moments; what they do not see is the sweat and tears.

What is your motivation?

My parents, my fans and my friends. They root for me and are very supportive. I did not know I would get far this quick and I am very grateful and still striving to go higher.

If everyone in the world would die except you and you have the power to save someone, who would you save?

For my mom’s sake, her parents just passed recently. I cannot choose one without the other, so I will have to say, both her mum and dad.

 If you were to be President for 24 hours, what will you change in the entertainment industry?

Support. We need to support each other and stop the hate and competition. There is room for all of us to shine, as one.What one decision would you love to go back in time and change?

I wish I stayed in Ghana to start my career earlier rather than thinking the grass was greener on the other side. But it is never too late and I am glad to be mature enough to handle my career and the fame as it is now.

 Your best 5 actors and actresses?

Samuel .L. Jackson, Mike Ezuruonye, Jackie Appiah, Richard Mofe-Damijo RMD, Kerry Washington and of course, my humble self.

What project are you currently working on?

A series called Eden, produced by Harry Bentil. We just shot season 1 and season 2 is to be filmed soon. I also have a movie coming out on the 27th of this month. I have a movie recently added to Netflix by Mike Ezuruonye, Real Lagos Fake Life, produced by Mike Ezuruonye.What advice would you give to up and coming females who find their passion in entertainment?

First of all, not all that glitters is gold. Do not come into it thinking you will be a success overnight. It takes hard-work and determination. Being an actress is not just about glam and fashion.

Secondly, have confidence in yourself and practice. Perfect your talent and always put your faith in the Most High.

Thank you so much for choosing me, I really do appreciate.

Haillie Sumney in an interview some time back with expressed that she would love to work with Geneveive Nnaji. In her words, “She is a legend and a classy person. Obviously, she’s a very good actress and she’s on NETFLIX now, she is breaking barriers. And I love RMD too, especially the way he carries himself. So, I would love to act with these two. He is a very handsome man; I am not going to lie. Maybe, I have an inch crush on him but I will confirm that when I see him in person. But, yes, he is a handsome man and a good actor”.She also explained that her parents initially were not in support of her acting choice over medicine. In her words, “As I mentioned earlier, at first my parents were not accepting my decision for acting but when they saw I was excelling and climbing the ladder they showed their support. I guess, they just have the old school idea of my child must be a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. So, as devoted Christians, they felt like entertainment is not good for me, especially when it comes to kissing and the romantic aspect of acting. So people will be seeing my child kissing another man on a TV, they say. But now, they have embraced it and are supportive. Also, I have challenges getting payment from Producers and, to be honest, I have done a couple of movies for free. So success is not built overnight”.

She also commented on her first kiss on set, “Deyemi, the actor, was the first person I kissed in a Ghana-Nigeria movie. Though, we make it quick and comfortable as possible, because I was kind of shy and nervous and there were so many people around, so it was weird for me”.

Haillie Sumney is still a well-sought name in the industry. She is fast-rising and determined to reach the peak.