According to The British Fashion Council, it has been announced that the next London Fashion Week would be a digital event which is set to combine men’s and women’s wear. This Event would comprise of interviews, podcasts, designers diaries and digital showrooms.

The digital strategy for this year’s London Fashion Week is as to support the fashion industry in this Corona virus crisis.

Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush said in an interview with The Guardian;

“By creating a cultural fashion week platform, we are adapting digital innovation to best fit our needs today and enacting something to build on as a global showcase for the future.”

 She added

 “The other side of this crisis, we hope, will be about sustainability, creativity, and product that you value, respect and cherish”

Although the London Fashion Week is not the first to plan and add the digital element to their event. In February this year, the organizers of the Shanghai Fashion Week, hosted a fully digital edition, to be live-streamed via the e-commerce app Tmall and its sister app Taobao.

Moscow’s Fashion Week Russia, which happened from 4th to 5th of April, streamed prerecorded videos from about 30 brands on the e-commerce site and the websites Magazines such as Harpers Bazaar Russia and Vogue Italia.

This is practically a cutting edge in the fashion industry and it establishes a fact that irrespective of the current situation, fashion must be made. But can this Digital Innovation really be like the real deal? Is Digital Innovation worth it?    In as much as fashion must be made, some of the beauties of fashion weeks are getting to meet this designer’s in person,having one on one conversation with the models.

That warmth you feel being surrounded with creative’s like you under the same roof is an opportunity.One of the most anticipated fashion shows in Nigeria is the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

The four day event gathers buyers, consumers and the media in the fashion capital of Lagos, to view the collections of designers. The possibility that the event would hold this year is still not a fact. The normally busy fashion calendar has been thrown into disarray by the pandemic, like the Arise Fashion Week that was moved to October because of the outbreak.

It is no doubt a good thing that all these events would be happening towards the end of the year, but what if the pandemic tarries? What really is the assurance that even after the pandemic, the country would normalize?

The answers to this questions are not farfetched.

Content Write: Robert Solomon