Meet Cynthia Ebijie an accounting student of Lagos State University and also an actress based in Lagos, Nigeria. On starting her acting career in 2018, Cynthia has been featured on so many movies and TV series.

According to her, ” I didn’t decide to be an actress, acting chose me. Because I never saw myself acting while growing up, I saw myself doing other things in the entertainment industry. I started acting by just randomly going for an audition and surprisingly, I was chosen.”She made her acting debut in a short film titled “Marooned” where she played the character, Grace. Cynthia moved on to Africa Magic’s Newest TV Series, “My Siblings and I” as she plays a notorious and troublesome cousin of the Aderuagba’s family, Bimpe.

On the subject of inspiration, she claims that her biggest inspiration has been on who she envisions herself to be in the future. She adds,

“With hardwork and determination, I hope and pray that it comes to pass.”

Cynthia Ebijie is a promising actress as she knows no rest till she is where she wants to be in her career. Although she admits that there have been some little bumps on her journey as an actress. Nonetheless, she also admits that her experience so far has been a joyful one.

In 2020 Nigerian Drama Film “Small Chops” which was produced by veteran actress Chika Ike, Cynthia played the role of “young nikita”. She also starred in a film titled “Eyimofe” where she plays the character, Grace. Cynthia is currently working on alot of projects and would let the cat out of the bag in due time. With the recent news on the rape cases in Nigeria, Cynthia shows her concerns on the situation.

“When I talk about rape, I talk about it with so much hatred and anger and disgust, and I hope and pray that every rapist out there should face life imprisonment. Raping a woman is the worst thing to ever do to her because she’d have to live with that scar for the rest of her life. I want to deeply apologize to every woman that has been raped and even sexually molested against their will. I’m sorry you had to go through it. And the moment we start to punish these rapists, the better for our society and world at large.”

Cynthia Ebijie is certainly a star to look out for.