My Photography Style Is Simple, Elegant And Artistic – (Sunmisola Olorunnishola)

Sunmisola Olorunnishola, a distinct and reputable photographer who hails from Ijebu-Ijesha, born in  Ile-Ife, Osun State into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Olorunnisola. Sunmisola, known for his passion for photography studied Mass Communication at Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State. His love for photography was influenced by his father who loves taking portrait pictures. This did not only influence him but also motivated him to build a solid and definite career in Photography. Hence, Sunmisola Olorunishola over the decade is a name to reckon with in the Photography Industry.How did you get started in photography & what does photography mean to you?

My Dad was not only my motivation but also an influence. I studied Mass Communication in the University, so that made it easier because Photo-Journalism is a part of Mass Communication.

Photography is an art that captures memories (popular opinion though) but for me it is creating what you feel and putting out those feelings in representation.

How do you describe your photography style & what is your favorite subject to photography?

I would say my photography style is simple, elegant and artistic (laughs).

My favorite subject to photography is relative.  It depends on what part of photography. I would say PORTRAIT PICTURES and  NUDE ART. The  portrait is a strong angle because it involves mixing light with shadows. It also creates a huge statement and captures emotions while  nude art captures the beauty of the Human body.

I also like the Boudoir Photography because it is the nature that inspires Humans.

What inspires you and how do you educate yourself to take good pictures?

 Nature inspires me and also the urge to create a statement photography.

I educate myself often by exploring the pictorial world and learning from others.

What is your current gear setup and do you have a go-to Lens?

I do not have a specific gear setup. However, I believe in unconventional styles but it depends on  why I am shooting.

I do not have a particular go-to lens but I use 242105 ML.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture and what is your software of choice?

A good picture should connect with the client and the masses. It should be able to connect with the masses through its composition, lighting and subject matter.

I use Photo-shop as my software.

Your pictures are so light and clean, do you do a lot of Post-Processing?

I am not heavy on post-production actually. I try my best to get ninety percent (90%) of my work done during production.

Canon or Nikon, and why?

I am a Canon shooter. I actually started with Sony but right now I am a full-time Canon Photographer because I relate and connect with it differently.

You have been consistent and of good recommendation over the Decade. However technology has affected Photography as techniques and equipments change overtime, also it is important to stay up to date and standard; how have you been able to stand tall?

(Laughs) On this subject matter, I tell people most times it is the mind behind the gear before the machine. There are better equipments but that should not affect the mindset of the Photographer. But upgrade is important nevertheless. I think I have been able to remain consistent because I invest in myself  both mentally and equipment-wise. I also love to learn because new gears come with upgrades.

Which Photographers influence you and how do you incorporate their techniques into your photographs?

I do not have a direct influence nor a go-to photographer.  All I do is look at different photographs and I pick lessons from them. I however have reputable photographers that I admire and love their work. Photographers like Obi Somto, August Udoh, Emmanuel Oyekele, Kelechi Amadi ObiTope  Horpload. They are great photographers.

What do you love most about been a Photographer?

(Smiles) Well, I love the exposure, creativity and having new perspectives about everyday lifestyle. The fact that the mind has to be open to see and ingest new ideas and the task it gives the mind is an interesting journey for me.

 How do you think your work affect people?

Well, I am known  mostly for nude art and I believe my work preaches the beauty of the Human body. It help kills body-shaming and attains the level of helping every human embrace their body and freedom.

Although, people think I am partial because I do mostly slim ladies but the truth is I have a project on plus size models (exclusive projects) which I am not allowed to post. But if I can, I would willingly do so.

When you arrive at a location for a session, what do you look out for before kick starting the shoot?

Firstly, I inspect the area of shoot, after which I look out for the setup. I also look out for pictures and idea angles from the location.

What challenges have you faced so far?

I have been in photography for over ten (10) years now and I can say for sure each shoot comes with its own challenges. Time is often a challenge. Wardrobe malfunction or gadget malfunction are challenges but not rampant as to balancing time.

Also, access to work especially security. The idea of mixing nature with nude art has not been a success in Nigeria due to our Culture and Tradition. Shooting nude art outside the walls of the studio has been difficult if not totally impossible. This has made me look into studio photography.

 Technology has made it easy for everyone to have access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. How has this affected the thirst for Portrait pictures?

The truth is everyone has a smartphone which varies in effectiveness. Most people understand the difference and that cannot be replaced. But it has truly affected photographers as the number of bookings has dropped from the usual over the years.

 You work with both genders, how do you develop a trust-worthy relationship with your clients while in front of the camera, even at their weakest moments?

Yes I work with both genders but the female gender mostly. It is important for me to create a conducive environment for the client, I believe I am patient and I try my best to listen and not to argue but make my point known in order for both party to be clear.

What is your take on Photography in Nigeria?

The photography community is growing. Nonetheless, I believe we need more funding. We have great Photographers in Nigeria and I think finance is one of the reasons these talents are holding back. Truth is, gears are expensive and also is the cost of production.

However, I will recommend loans and financial backing for photographers. The Industry is growing and for it to attain a certain level of existence and maturity, a lot has to be done.

Notable persons you will love to work with?

(Smiles) I will love to work with Rihanna and Beyoncé in the Entertainment Industry while Vera Wang for the Fashion Industry.

Can you tell us the story behind your favorite picture?

All my pictures are my favorite. I tend to love creativity but I do have outstanding pictures.

There was a period when I did a nude photograph shoot, I captured seven (7) bodies together. It was creativity for me and I loved the piece of art I created. I have done several jobs after that and I realized I have a lot to offer so one step at a time.

 What advice will you give to an amateur photographer wanting to change his/her passions to a full time profession?

Just know what you want and why you chose this path. Also be true to your passion and let it lead you.THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME.

Content Writer: Agada Sokolayam Esq.