Multiple hair  the best celebrity hair stylist in South Africa 

Multiple hair was born Ohaekwuzie.E.Daniel and grew up in Bayelsa state, yenagoa, he was living with his elder sister who is a braider . So he started helping her out for braid till he went to hair classes hosted by Anthony cut in Dubai , Anthony’s cut is the best coloring stylist in American , after his university he decide to go into hair full time in 2007 . He is call multiple hair because of his talent in beauty . He left Nigeria to south on 2017 , after 4 years in South Africa  he dominated 15 magazines in South Africa . Well known as the best stylist in lace melting .
CAREER -multiple hair starts by specializing in sew-in hair extension but eventually moved into making wig. His first celebrity Client was boity Thulo known as boity, however , it was not long until he began making wigs for Khanyi mbau metanoia , who found him on Instagram , that makes is career to grow rapidly
WIGS- ohaekwuzie.EKENE .Daniel known as multiple hair gain popularity as a wig maker through designing wigs for Khanyi mbau metanoia and other celebrities , multiple hair claims that he has made over 50 wigs for Khanyi mbau metanoia .
PERSONAL LIFE-  ohaekwuzie EKENE Daniel known as multiple hair , he is always private . He works 18hrs every day , he is a stylist who have passion in making hair