Thinking of skydiving in Dubai or anywhere in the world? Here is a skydiving in Dubai guide. Before skydiving, I watched a few videos online and did some reading. Was I nervous? Yes! I was, but at the same time, it was also difficult to identify what I was feeling/my emotions. I mean I have never jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft.

The slots for skydiving gets filled out quick

A few days after arriving in Dubai, I made up my mind about skydiving and tried to pay for a slot at Dubai Marina which has one of the best skydiving views globally. Very few slots were available and I couldn’t imagine waiting 10 days to skydive (that would have been torture). Luckily, there was an afternoon slot available in just 4 days. If you plan on skydiving and only have a few days in Dubai to spare, it might be worth booking a slot from your departure country.

You can opt for a cheaper option

I do agree that cheap is a relative term but saving 700 AED is never a bad idea. However, in this context you have to decide which is more important, saving money, your skydiving view or capturing picture and video content while skydiving. Skydive Dubai offers two skydive locations, namely, Dropzone desert and Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is quite expensive but I chose that location for my first skydiving experience because if you’re doing something you’re likely going to do once in your life why not opt for the best experience. Although, after skydiving, I feel like I would be skydiving frequently. You can also make skydiving cheaper by not paying for media coverage. But why would you have such a good first experience and not have it recorded?

It gets quite chilly at 13,000ft in the sky but your nerves and all the adrenaline kick in so you might not feel the weather. However, your face would feel that slap of cold breeze lol. At a point, I had to make sure I was breathing. I was mentally telling myself ‘breathe in, breathe out’. Also, you get goggles so that helps protect your eyes from the wind. My instructor allowed me to take off my goggles while we were gliding so I could enjoy the view more.