I Make Music That Make Women Feel Confident – Stefflon Don

I had a quick chat with the international – global superstar Stephanie Victoria Allen popularly known as Stefflon Don. a British rapper, singer, and songwriter who rose to fame after her 2017 single “Hurtin’ Me” featuring French Montana peaked at number 7 on UK Singles Chart. In 2016, Stefflon Don released her debut mixtape Real Ting followed by another mixtape, Secure in 2018. By Mide Ajayi


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Upon visiting a friend Nissi, I bumped into Stefflondon, she was amicable, and I was able to have an impromptu interview which she shared about her personal experience and what we can expect from her with time.

Where did you grow up and how do you think it shaped you?

I actually grew up in two places, I was born in England, stayed there for four/five years and then I went to Holland, grew up in Rotterdam for ten years, then went back to London. I feel like because I’m Jamaican I’ve learnt another language, another culture being Dutch and getting back to England, I feel like I’ve got the best of three worlds, so I feel like that’s made me more open to create any type of music and I feel like I’m very versatile because of it.

So, when someone asks you what kind of music you make, what would you tell them?

I make music that makes women feel confident, that’s what they always tell me. So, I make music that makes people feel confident and that makes them feel like they are ready to go get it and never be scared.

Can you describe yourself in four words?

I’m determined, funny, talented and sweet in the heart.

How has the sound of Nigeria evolved over your time?

Nigerian music has grown so much and thank God for that, because music creates that insight of “let’s see what’s going on over there”. People have taken more to Nigeria because the great music has made people be more aware of “oh, let me see what’s happening over there, let me find out about the people, let me find out about the culture”.  So, it’s a beautiful thing and I’ve been the same and that’s why I have a song called “can’t let you go” where I spoke a bit of Yoruba.


You did a song with Tiwa Savage and Rema (the remix) recently, how do you feel about that?

I’ve always been a big fan of Tiwa and when I dropped “can’t let you go” fair enough, a lot of people said I sounded like Tiwa. So, I was like I want to do the remix, so it’s only right to get the queen on the remix and Rema whom I’m also a big fan of, I love his music, I love his vibes. So, I just reached out to both of them. I was also on Tiwa’s album the Bombay song with Dice. So, yeah, me and Tiwa go way back.

Tiwa Savage

What should we be expecting from you soon?

You should be expecting a lot more. I want to be way more consistent. That’s my main focus, to be a lot more consistent. I have a whole lot of great music in the catalog. I feel like I just want to release some more good vibes.

What’s your favorite naija food? 

Jollof and fish stew. Yeah, I love fish stew.

It was really great speaking with Stefflon Don and I am anticipating her new releases. My greatest takeaway from the interview is the importance of being able to identify and leverage opportunities as well as being prepared.

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Mide Ajayi