Is Amaarae being called out for song theft?

In the early hours of 6th March 2022, which turned out to be the 65th anniversary of Ghana’s
Independence, most Ghanaian netizens took to popular micro-blogging site Twitter, to express
their patriotism. Contrary to that, Ghanaian singer Amaarae chose to talk about Ghana’s failing
economy, which didn’t seem to sit well with most Ghanaians, prompting her to go on a mini rant.
In response to that, one Twitter user @CyaptanTMT, called out Amaarae for being a hypocrite,
as the singer failed to acknowledge her fellow collaborator, Moliy, who made an 80%
contribution to the 2021 smash hit “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” remix ft Kali Uchis. 0l1jFwtaa3I3rGWwg&s=19

The revelation prompted a reply from Moliy herself, agreeing to the fact that indeed, she had
been left out of credits for the song, and even having her parts in the song lipsynced by Amaarae
when performing for the official video of the song. Moliy also went on a tirade labeling
everything that has unfolded since the song was first released in 2021. g&s=19

Amaarae responded to the allegations in a Twitter thread, refuting all. She claimed Moliy and her team have been sabotaging the success 9f the record from the onset, and these allegations come

We are keen on seeing how this unfolds.