Samuel Egbeyon, popular as Litovibes, hails from the Southern part of Nigeria. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Sapele, a town in Delta State— one which he considers home.

Growing up, he always had a unique fondness for music, which was very peculiar. And over the years, this fondness grew and transcended into consciousness and birthed a need to express himself through music. This isn’t the regular “boy can sing, boy turns to music” story. Think of it as more of a calling, which he gladly answered and stayed true to. A spectacular blend of Afro-pop and Dancehall is the best description of Litovibes’ sound genre. With just the right amount of both vibes, he has captured our hearts and of course, our ears.

“Life is an everlasting journey embedded into time”, as Litovibes would keenly say, and his music is a ticket to the adventures, journeys and experiences he has been through and is going through at the moment. This statement proves true, evident in his 2021 EP, Simple Difference. The most popular track, “Tire you” spoke of the excitement of life, the exhaustion that life sometimes brings along and the intricacies of love. There’s hardly anyone this track didn’t resonate with as we’ve all experienced these things, Lito just put it in a song and gave us the opportunity to see the beauty in it all. 

Enough of the past though, let us talk about the new song Lito has cooked up, Charger—all romantics gather around for this one. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a cliche slow ballad that is popular with love songs. In fact, you cannot help nodding and moving your body— just as the song says— to the beat of the song. And it only gets better as the song progresses. The best part of this track is that while couples can dance along and be swept away by the lyrics, it is void of the mushiness that singles try to avoid. So anyone can enjoy it. 

Lito wants to be famous and is hoping his music will take him there. Going by what he managed to create on Charger, there’s no doubt his music will grant him the fame he seeks.