Nigerian artist Adewumi Ibrahim Adeyanju Oluwadarasimi, known as DAHRIB, has launched his debut single, ‘Taking Over,’ under N-TYZE ENTERTAINMENT. With a music scene bustling with emerging talents, DAHRIB stands strong, believing there’s room for everyone to shine. DAHRIB shares the inspiration behind ‘Taking Over,’ saying, “You’ve probably heard of Billie Eilish, right? I was a big fan of her music when I was going through a tough time. Her song ‘Ilomilo’ resonated with me and served as the inspiration for ‘Taking Over.'”

The track embodies a moment of joy and escapism, as DAHRIB explains, “The song is about having fun with a lady and leaving all worries behind. It’s a way of appreciating her and enjoying the moment.”

DAHRIB’s musical journey began in childhood, listening to legends like Michael Jackson and P-Square. He signed with N-TYZE Entertainment on September 13, 2020. Reflecting on his early days, DAHRIB shared, “I discovered my musical talent at a young age, around 6 or 7. I was always captivated by the music of P-Square and Michael Jackson. I knew I could write songs myself, but I kept it a secret because my parents shouldn’t find out. My dad only learned about my music career after our separation, and my mom was initially hesitant about it due to the challenges of fame. Nevertheless, she gradually accepted my passion and supported me through university.”

As he stated, “I believe in God’s plan, but with my music style and rigorous promotion, I’m confident I’ll make a breakthrough. My sound and vocal delivery are unparalleled, and I understand the power of timing. Every artist has their season, and when my time comes, I’ll make the most of it.”

N-TYZE ENTERTAINMENT CEO, Bob Kelly Ovie Williams, shared his reasons for signing DAHRIB, noting, “DAHRIB is a dedicated artist with incredible talent. His voice is a treasure, his lyrics and melodies are outstanding, and his stage performance is phenomenal. DAHRIB represents the future of Afrobeats, and that’s why I brought him into N-TYZE ENTERTAINMENT.”