Viveeyan, a singer-songwriter and devoted music enthusiast, pursued a Law degree at the University of Ibadan. Her talents in music quickly became evident as she composed catchy jingles for aspiring student leaders, ultimately claiming the top position in the inaugural All-Talented Law Students competition.

Viveeyan’s journey towards national recognition began when she secured a place in the top 8 of the first season of The Voice Nigeria in 2016. Following her standout performance on the show, she unveiled “The Bull’s Eye,” a captivating track that underlines her commitment to expressing her thoughts and emotions through music. Since then, she has introduced a series of singles to the music scene.

Her return this year was marked by the release of “Minimum Wage,” a narrative shedding light on the less glamorous aspects of adulthood. In her latest EP, “Slice,” Viveeyan takes us on an intimate voyage from childhood to adulthood, delving into themes of love, resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative moments that define our lives.

Below are three takeaways from her Slice EP.

Tales of Triumph and Tight Wallets

The opening track, “Minimum Wage,” sets the tone for the EP by addressing the challenges of transitioning into adulthood, particularly the financial constraints and pressures that come with it.“They say go save for later, compound and make it greater” conveys the societal pressure to plan for the future.

Minimum Wage

However, the character’s determination to live life to the fullest and invest in themselves is evident in lines like “The future will be better, I will be earning greater” and “Spending on myself, I’ll be all right.”

Let Love Roar

“Love Me Loud” explores the theme of love in adulthood and the desire for love to be celebrated openly and unabashedly. Specific examples include lines like “Scream it out high note, rooftop full show, full ensemble flow,” which highlight the character’s desire to have love celebrated openly.

Love Me Loud

The song emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and not settling for a love that doesn’t meet one’s expectations. It encourages the idea of expressing love without hesitation and celebrating it in a big and loud way.

Bittersweet Symphony

This song underscores the complexity of human emotions and the difficulty of breaking free from unhealthy relationships, even when we are aware of their detrimental nature.

In “You Don’t Love Me,” Viveeyan and Otié dive into the complexities of love, showcasing a bittersweet narrative of a toxic relationship that the character finds themselves in but can’t let go of. When Otié says, “I know you are bad for me, but I leave you in control,” it illustrates the character’s awareness of the toxicity but their inability to let go.

You Don’t Love Me

Viveeyan strengthens this narrative with lines like “I don’t like the pain so I pretend it’s bliss,” highlighting the character’s reluctance to confront the pain and reality of the situation.

This supports the notion that sometimes people remain in unhealthy relationships, even when they are aware of the toxicity, out of fear of confronting their own pain and insecurities.

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