Ghanaian artist Efya, known for her award-winning work, has just released her fourth project titled ‘No More Tears.’ This EP beautifully weaves together Efya’s personal triumphs over life’s challenges, heartbreak, and the lessons she’s learned.
With the talented Nigerian producer LOUDA by her side, Efya found her musical soulmate. The outcome is an EP that runs deep, shattering boundaries and defying conventional notions.
The EP delves into Efya’s personal journey, focusing on self-love, resilience, and growth. Each track showcases her unwavering spirit, from heartbreak to newfound confidence.
Below are four takeaways from No More Tears.

Unshackling the Soul

The EP “No More Tears” by Efya highlights the theme of liberation and self-empowerment. In songs like “Set Me Free,” Efya encourages listeners to break free from situations that do not benefit them mentally, spiritually, physically, or in terms of their overall well-being.
Efya recognizes that it is easier said than done, For instance, in the lyrics, “Shey you go stay with me,
You gotcha let me know, and if not baby set me free,” Efya emphasizes the importance of self-worth and the choice to walk away from situations that no longer serve one’s well-being.
The music conveys a message of taking control of one’s life and choosing freedom over toxic relationships or circumstances, inspiring others to do the same.

Duality in Disguise

The song “Mr. High/Mr. Hide” explores the idea of individuals adopting different personas for various contexts. It draws a parallel with the characters Jekyll and Hyde from the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, highlighting the duality that can exist within a person and how these personas can sometimes blur the line between reality and fiction.
It prompts listeners to question who they are when they’re not being observed and whether they’re living authentic lives. This takeaway encourages introspection and self-awareness regarding the roles people play in their daily lives.

Goodbye Negativity

The title track, “No More Tears,” is an affirmation of positivity and a declaration to leave behind negativity and situations that don’t benefit one’s well-being. When Efya says “No more fvcking wit my shit, No more crying all them tears, No more sharing all my love, No more giving all my heart” She sings with a firm resolve of moving on.

Singing with the Spirit

Throughout the EP, there’s a sense of spiritual resonance and gratitude. In songs like “My Helper (Oluwa),” Efya expresses deep gratitude and pays homage to a higher power, often referencing God.
When she sings “Every weapon formed against me, E no go prosper, Oluwa is my helper
She trusts God to protect her and see her through, even when it feels like it is not going according to plan. “Oluwa is my helper” she sings joyfully.