The evocative narrative of London-based alternative soul powerhouse Zubi’s critically acclaimed new EP Journey to Idan, which has been championed by the likes of Notion, Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, and GUAP Magazine, finds a visual counterpart in the brand new music video for its standout track ‘FROG’. Filmed in the heart of Abuja in Nigeria, the music video is a raw depiction of the song’s exploration of toxic relationships prevalent in the city’s dynamics. Directed by the experienced Nori Mathias, who brings years of industry expertise from music to film, the video strips back the layers of storytelling to focus on the essence of Zubi’s message, enhanced by the simplicity and intensity of the performance captured within the homely yet charged atmosphere of the apartment setting.

The video is crafted with a deliberate simplicity by Nori Mathias, allowing the song to remain the focal point while providing a visual narrative that complements the lyrics’ emotional depth. With Zubi at the core of the visual experience, the music video subtly portrays the irony of denial and infidelity as it unfolds against the track’s haunting melodies. The use of Sony’s FX6 camera and a selection of prime lenses ensures each frame is imbued with cinematic quality, while the lighting design by Emac accentuates the video’s intimate yet universal theme. Zubi’s creative input melds with Nori’s directorial finesse, resulting in a video that is straightforward yet complex, reflecting the duality of the song’s message.

Zubi’s collaboration with his producer Iordan Adrian has resulted in ‘Frog’ being a song that resonates with the struggle for authenticity amid adversity. The creative synergy between Zubi and Iordan, enriched by their shared commitment to authenticity, has given rise to a sound that’s as genuine as the story it tells. As ‘Frog’ and its music video take listeners and viewers on a journey through the challenges of personal growth and the quest for true self within the cacophony of life’s relationships, Zubi’s Journey to Idan positions itself as not just an EP, but a pivotal chapter in Zubi’s ongoing musical narrative, promising to connect with audiences on a deeply profound level.

Out now via emPawa Africa, Zubi’s Journey To Idan EP comes on the back of its critically acclaimed lead single ‘Lifestyle’ that was released to rave reviews and critical acclaim from the likes of Clash Magazine, Earmilk, and Pinch of Sol. Written and composed by Zubi himself, with production and audio engineering from long-time collaborator Iordan Adrian, the Journey To Idan EP is a 5-track masterpiece that speaks to the journey we all have to make to become the people we want to be. Zubi not only unveils his soul on this project, but also gifts listeners a musical compass for their own personal journeys of self-discovery.

Embarking on a soulful expedition from start to finish, Zubi’s Journey To Idan EP opens with the resilient and galvanizing anthem ‘Hero’. Leading the collection, this track witnesses Zubi adopting a mantle of courage and conviction, ready to conquer his own insecurities, while providing solace, comfort, and hope to himself and others in times of despair and hopelessness. The journey progresses with the EP’s lead single ‘Lifestyle’, a reflection of Zubi’s philosophy on existence. Brimming with his enchanting vocal prowess and profound songwriting, it narrates the tale of embracing life in all its unpredictability, encouraging listeners to weather both its storms and sunrises with grace and gusto.

As we delve deeper, the emotional landscape shifts with ‘Frog’. This poignant track offers a candid look at Zubi’s determination to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship. Following closely, the raw and vulnerable opus ‘Whiskey’ sees Zubi articulating a heartfelt cry for support during his bleakest hours. Concluding this musical odyssey, ‘Silver’ encapsulates the introspective segment of the journey. As the final note, it steers the narrative towards reflections on the choices and destinies that lie ahead. Through Journey To Idan, Zubi crafts a compelling narrative, seamlessly weaving personal stories with universal themes, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into his heart, while illuminating their own paths.

Hailing from Nigeria’s pulsating capital city Abuja, deeply influenced by his formative musical years in Budapest, and now creating from the heart of London, Zubi exudes a unique blend of soulful depth with raw authenticity. Rather than being constrained by genres, Zubi seamlessly crafts his own musical narrative, which sets himself apart. With over 250 million streams worldwide, his music resonates powerfully across Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East, with his new EP Journey To Idan set to spread Zubi’s timeless music to the rest of the world. As he charts the next phase of his journey, Zubi’s innovative spirit remains untamed by boundaries, and is fuelled by his creative ingenuity.