In the tumultuous 2020, Runda gained fame with his soulful ‘Jowo’ cover, amassing 4 million streams. The Nigerian singer-songwriter, born Oluwapelumi Olorunda in Lagos, is now crafting ‘Beautiful Lies,’ showcasing his transformation from a shy high schooler into a musical sensation.

At 16, Runda drew inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Wizkid, and 2face. His journey included hits ‘Fire Can’t Cool’ (2018) and a memorable collaboration with DJ Neptune on ‘Bembe’ (2020). The ‘Runda EP’ marked the start. Now, ‘Beautiful Lies’ delves into love and relationships, showcasing Runda’s unique perspective with emotive melodies and introspective lyrics.

In ‘Beautiful Lies,’ Runda uses sweet expressions and subtle illusions to mend hearts, exploring the finesse of romantic pursuit amidst competition, echoing the adage ‘men are swayed by appearances, while women are chiefly swayed by spoken words.’ The EP highlights the power of language, occasionally embellished with innocent falsehoods, to fulfill deep desires. As we embark on an exploration of the heart of ‘Beautiful Lies,’ we will uncover four key takeaways from this EP.

Intricate Storytelling:

Runda’s “Beautiful Lies” EP excels in storytelling, Each track dissects the complexities of relationships.

In ‘Beautiful Lies,’ Runda vividly portrays the complexities of maintaining a woman’s affection despite competing suitors. Lines like ‘Here to give you all that you want, give you all that you need’ underscore his charm and determination. The track tactfully weaves a narrative of diplomacy and allure, emphasizing the importance of charm in nurturing a romantic connection. Runda’s skillful storytelling resonates, drawing the listener into a world of emotional intricacies.

Raw Emotional Vulnerability:

One of the standout features of Runda’s ‘Beautiful Lies’ EP is the raw, unfiltered emotional vulnerability that permeates his music. In the track ‘My Fault,’ Runda courageously confronts his own infidelity and imperfections. He offers sincere promises of loyalty and change while acknowledging the temptations he wrestles with. Lines like ‘Mi o je woju e mo nigboro,’ translating to ‘I won’t look at her anymore,’ reveal the depth of his self-reflection.

‘Damaged’ adds another layer of emotional complexity to the EP, as Runda bares his soul to confess his love and the ache of parting ways. These songs convey the poignant reality of heartbreak and self-exploration. Runda’s unwavering emotional honesty doesn’t just make his music relatable; it becomes a cathartic experience for listeners.

Fusion of Musical Styles:

The track “Feeling Sexy” exemplifies the fusion of musical styles in the EP. It combines Afro rhythms with modern pop and R&B elements. Runda’s versatility as an artist is evident as he effortlessly incorporates these diverse musical influences into each track.
This experience, making “Beautiful Lies” a multi-dimensional and sonically engaging project.

Collaborations That Touch the Heart

Runda’s musical partners, including Cheque, Dai Verse, and Psycho YP, bring an added layer of depth and emotion to the EP. In ‘Next to Me,’ where he teams up with Cheque and Psycho YP, their combined talents paint a vivid picture of love and longing. Each artist’s unique style shines, making the song truly special. On the flip side, Dai Verse adds a soulful touch to Runda’s storytelling, creating a beautiful balance on ‘Damaged’.

These collaborations don’t just add variety; they add a piece of their soul to ‘Beautiful Lies,’ making the stories even more enchanting.