Artists often face trials of their endurance in the music industry, and Skales is a prime example of unwavering commitment to his art. Regardless of the fluctuations in his career, he has consistently focused on the pursuit of happiness and self-belief.

Skales’ mantra, “Happiness is peace of mind to me, doing what you love and being profitable from it,” reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the profound connection between personal contentment and pursuing one’s passions. Skales’ latest EP, “Proof of Life,” comes to light roughly 20 months after the widely praised “Sweet Distractions” album. This project serves as a tribute to the therapeutic power of positivity, and happiness, and the profound significance of human connections.

Skales himself explained the significance of the album’s title by stating, “There’s a misconception that I’ve disappeared, and some of my fans stopped listening to my music a while ago, assuming I’ve stopped making it. ‘Proof of Life’ is essentially my way of affirming that I’m still active in the music scene. It’s also a celebration of my long-standing tenure in the industry, despite the limitations I’ve had to overcome.”

This EP imparts three important lessons worth noting.


Skales’ enduring strength and the inspiration he gleaned from his own journey are key focal points of the “Proof of Life” EP. notably, the song “As I Wake Up” illustrates this theme.

It’s a poignant note to the listeners, to start each day with determination to overcome obstacles and strive for their aspirations. Skales uses his own life story to inspire others to remain motivated and not let anything hinder their progress.


The narrative of Skales is one of resilience and determination, as he consistently delivers new music. He uses his self-belief and a positive attitude as the driving force to stay focused on his own ambitions and avoid being swayed by the dreams of others. Through “Don’t Say Much,” and “Aran Romi” the former conveys the message that each person is running a distinct race in life, and they are the masters of their own destiny. While the latter urges listeners to choose good over evil and to maintain a positive outlook on life.


In “I Still Dey,” Skales commemorates his enduring presence in the music industry, which commenced back in 2009. Skales’ voyage through the highs and lows of the music industry offers encouragement to budding artists, showcasing that resoluteness and talent can pave the way to long-lasting triumph.

The final track, “Case Closed,” marks Skales’ unyielding resolve, driving him toward greatness.

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