In Nigeria’s exciting music scene, there’s a music genius known as Hit Sounds. He’s not just a producer; he’s the secret behind a few catchy tunes you love. Hit Sounds has made songs that stick in your head and made artists shine. We’re taking you on a journey into the world of this musical genius. Discover how he makes music, his favorite projects, and why he’s so passionate about creating awesome sounds.

Could you introduce yourself and share your journey into the world of music production? My Name is Joshua Abba Jeremiah Also known as HITSOUND. I am a music producer and content creator from Kogi State, Nigeria. I started making music at a very early age and grew up in a family of music lovers. I did not take music seriously until my High school days when I decided to take a career in Rap. I would perform in class, Church, and every event that had opportunities for emerging artists. Production came after when I was not able to afford recording sessions. I was producing for myself and working with other upcoming artists to make extra money for myself. Fast forward to this very day, I have been working on a lot of projects and diversifying my reach with daily upgrades to my musical genius.

What initially drew you to become a music producer, and how did you get started in the industry? My passion for music definitely drew me into music production, But the main reason I started producing was because I needed to earn a living to support my rap career and studies. After finding out about a production software called FLSTUDIO, my growing enthusiasm to become a producer increased. So yes, I still use it and other pro software to make good music.

Many producers have a signature sound or style. How would you describe your unique approach to music production? I honestly won’t take credit for a unique sound yet, But I will say I have a great ear for good musical compositions. I make all genres but focus more on Afrobeats, Uniqueness in my production depends on the artist’s approach to bring the best out of a record. So, it’s solely dependent on how we work on the track together. It’s collaborative’ Maybe one day soon I will devise a futuristic signature sound. For now, I’m going with Revolutionizing what is in existence.

Are there specific elements or techniques you often incorporate into your music that set you apart as a producer? Yes, my drum bounce and percussive work are definitely different. I take my time to cook up that one in particular. My choice of samples too plays a huge role in my technique. Throughout your career, you’ve worked on various projects. Could you highlight one or two that have been particularly memorable or impactful for you I have worked on a lot of projects in the past and still have ongoing unreleased projects I am really excited about. The biggest so far is my Work On “ASE” by Ayra starr for Colors, my work on A viral Hit with Firstklaz called “I LIKE GIRLS” and a couple of exciting tracks with the likes of Runtown, Joeboy, Cheque and Patoranking.

Are there any artists or genres you enjoy producing the most, and why? I enjoy producing Afrobeat tracks, the reason being that it’s the genre I grew up listening to and it has shaped my tune over time. I enjoy working with artists who know their craft, Once the artist is talented and easy to work with I automatically just vibe with them to make a Hit.

Could you tell us about the details of your world record attempt, how many artists are involved, and what’s the duration you aim to achieve? I am working towards breaking the world record for the Longest recording Marathon with multiple Artists, the previous record is Around 40hours and I look forward to making it 72hours. In total, we look forward to recording 30 – 45 artists.

What motivated you to take on such a challenging endeavor? My Love for music, Passion for growth, putting my country and culture on the Map, and the ever-growing demand for adventure. I am putting myself to the test as this is my opportunity to show the world what I can do.

You’ve authored a book called ‘Artist’s Haven.’ Could you share some insights from the book and how it relates to your work in the music industry?

Yes, My Book Artist’s Haven is a book about Modern day music Business. It explains insightful well-written details about Musician’s struggles and solutions to everyone willing to work and strive for excellence. It is a very coordinated book that will shape the industry in numerous ways. Really excited to share this with the world.

What inspired you to write a book, and how do you think it can benefit aspiring artists? I have always wanted to write a book due to my love for literature and the wonderful Nigerian authors I grew up reading their work. My main inspiration for the book is the nonavailability of books that solve solutions to artists’ struggles in our bookshops and libraries. I felt the need to do something different that would save a lot of people out there.

Walk us through your typical creative process as a producer. How do you go about crafting a new track or working with artists? I begin with finding the reason behind the lyrics, Making the beat to fit the BPM and key, recording, and brainstorming the structure of the song. Then Mixing and mastering the track for the final release.

What inspires you when producing music, and how do you maintain a fresh perspective on your work? I take inspiration from the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are looking forward to hearing something new and refreshing. So, the need to make great stuff always shapes my perspective. To maintain a fresh perspective, I usually spend time on YouTube and TikTok scouting for new ideas and concepts that will make my work better and easier.

Collaboration is a significant part of music production. Is there a dream collaboration that you’ve always wanted to pursue? Yes definitely, I look forward to collaborating with Rema, Wizkid, Burna boy, Davido, Travis Scott, and Dj Khalid. For the entrepreneurial side I really look forward to collaborating with Donjazzy, Jay Z, and Kanye West.  I see that happening soon.

What have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced as a producer, and how did you overcome them? I’d say Finances, Environmental factors, Family problems, and Educational Pursuit really gave me tough times starting off but I overcame them with passion and determination. If you have a dream that you really want to see come to life you won’t let anything stop you from getting to the peak.

What would you consider as your proudest achievements or milestones in your career? Attaining over 100k Followers on TikTok and Instagram and also surpassing 2,000,000 YouTube views. For now, those are my Proudest achievements amongst a lot more to come.

How do you believe your work as a producer has contributed to the growth and evolution of the Nigerian music scene? I believe I played a major role in the Online sales of samples, Type beats, and producer-related content creation. I also aspire to do more wonders with time. For now, I strive to contribute an innovative approach to the evolution of Nigerian music using my social media platforms and creativity.

Are there any trends or shifts in the industry that you’ve observed during your career? Yes, A lot has changed. Every year new set of artists emerges with various distinct styles, Vocal performances, and unique features. It only gets better with time.

As a producer, you often need to balance the creative aspects of music with the business side. How do you strike that balance effectively? They actually work hand in hand so it’s an enjoyable process for me. I have developed more efficient ways to make sure they do not clash by delegating work to various members of my team. So, it has been a pretty solid endeavor for me as I look forward to expanding my workforce before the end of the year.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers looking to establish themselves in the industry? They should never give up on their dreams and aspirations. Work twice as smart every day until you see results. Accompany hard work with prayers and faith in your abilities. Never rush into doing anything until you are ready and have prepared for it.

What can we expect from HitSound in the future in terms of music production? Any exciting upcoming projects or collaborations? A lot of big things on the way. I am currently developing a platform called “Loopscentral” that will be available to the general public in a short while. This is also My debut EP in the works that will have a lot of Talented Artists on it. The whole year is packed with good things and I am here for it.

Are there any specific goals or ambitions you have for your career as a producer? I look forward to becoming a versatile and influential producer with my God-given abilities. With my ongoing projects, I will ensure there is a much more eco-friendly era of musicians that will shape the narrative for generations. “Hitsound” will be a Name to remember when a discussion about good music comes up.

Authored by Neone Adebayo