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What can you tell us about the woman called Juliet Ibrahim?

I am an actress, a mother of one, an entrepreneur, a producer, a singer, a director, and a compere. I’m bilingual; I speak fluent English and French.

How was growing up like for you?

I grew up in 4 different countries. My parents were business people; it took us around a lot. However, due to unfortunate circumstances we had to relocate thrice. While they worked and lived in Liberia; the civil war forced us to move to Lebanon, where we lived for about 2 years. We moved back to West Africa and somewhere along the line, my parents relocated to Ivory Coast, where we lived for over 14 years. Unfortunately, the war broke up in the Ivory Coast and we moved back to Ghana, where I have lived ever since.

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

I started acting at a very young age where I performed at talent shows in school and in church. I used to sing at those talent shows and in the choir. I spent my entire childhood dreaming of becoming a superstar. Luckily, In 2004, I won a beauty pageant (Queen of languages) after that I was invited for an audition; I went there and I got the lead role for my first movie ‘Crime to Christ’. That’s how it all started for me. It’s been wonderful and I thank God everyday. I have been able to use my career to impact many lives and create other avenues for my brand and myself. Apart from acting, I’m a professional compere, I’m into music, I run a production company, Jewelz Productions and we produce and direct films, musical videos, TV series, etc. I’m also an entrepreneur and I have my own line of beauty products Shades by Juliet Ibrahim. I also founded the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation. I run a fashion house called House of Glamour both in Ghana and Nigeria.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

Being recognized on various platforms around the world for my work and contribution to the movie industry as an actor. 

Describe your acting style?

Well, I use practical aesthetics combined with method acting and the classical acting techniques.

It’s all quite deep combining them; but I always know when to use either of these techniques to give my best performance in a film.

Despite being an actor I am sure you have another actor you look up to? Who is the person and why?

I like Tyler Perry from a creative point of view. I love when I direct and produce. He’s my role model when it comes to how he tells his stories and how well he executes them.

Of all you have played in the past which is your favorite?

My favorite role would always be the very challenging ones. Those that get me out of my comfort zone, Like playing an imbecile, a snake girl, a drug addict and so on.

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I believe honesty is vital in every aspect of life. I can’t stand dishonest people. I’m too honest to a fault and I wish everyone could be honest.

Have you progressed in your acting career as you have expected?

I have come a long way in the movie industry. I’m very grateful for all the support from my fans, filmmakers, colleagues and the media that has brought me this far in this industry. I am thankful to God Almighty for his blessings and grace so far. I am making progress each and every day by the grace of God.

When you suffer a setback, how is that emotionally affecting you and your work?

I am a positive person. I don’t dwell on negativity and I don’t believe in allowing anything negative to take control of me. If there’s a set back; I’m the kind of person who’ll just say “ God knows best so let me try it this other way; simply move onto the next one or activate plan B”

I let no negativity affect my mood; work, happiness nor surroundings.

What can you say about the Nollywood industry so far?

We have put ourselves on a global map and I see nothing stopping us. We are in this for good. We just need more investors and more support from our movie lovers to keep making sure we get it right and make Nollywood a name that many would like to associate with. 

What sort of acting role will you be seeking in the future?

Any role that’ll come my way and is worth me doing is good enough.

Tell me something people do not know about you ordinarily?

I don’t smoke. I am down to earth and very humble. People think I’m stuck up or a snob and I always laugh. I’m not!

How do you motivate your fellow mate on set?

Usually I’ll have to crack jokes to make them feel at ease with me. I think I get on pretty well with everyone. I’m a jovial person and I’m very down to earth, so it’s really quite easy for me to get into a chatting/motivational session with anyone I run into. 

When was your first role as an actor?

It was in junior high school. I had to act as an Asian grandmother in a playlist. It was fun; I had to dress up and put chopsticks in my hair to look the part as well as wear a geisha inspired outfit.

Tell me about a time where you at difficulty with a character, what role was it and why was it difficult?

I haven’t experienced such difficulty. As an actor you are prepared to play the role given to you. You’ll have time to prep and understand as well as become the character before you start filming.

What are your views on marriage?

Marriage occurs when two individuals know each other, respect, cherish, and love each other as human beings.

Marriage is a partnership of compassion, love and communication.

Flexibility is key to having a successful marriage, as is loyalty between partners. Fun is a key element throughout marriage as well. That’s why it’s important to marry your friend; that’s someone you know you can have fun with for the rest of your life.

Let me be specific on celebrity marriages?

I have no specific view, as celebrities are human beings too.

They are entitled to live, breath, eat, sleep, marry, get pregnant, vomit, cry, laugh etc. We are ordinary people. Hence, if ordinary people marry and get to still work and live their normal lives as before marriage, as so should celebrities.

Let’s talk about the business side of Juliet Ibrahim.

  • You have your own eyelash brand if I am correct, what let you to the line of the business plus what other business do you have in the works?

My love for eyelashes pushed me to start my own brand of lashes. I realized I was buying lashes that weren’t just right in my eyes. One day I decided I could hand pick the perfect lashes to shut my eyes and still feel natural when I wear them and I did! My lashes give the flawless, natural feel, and sexy full look every woman needs to make her eyes pop. We have 10 different styles and they are made to suit every woman from different walks of life. They range from 3000-5000 Naira. It’s now sold on www.amazon.com
Our Instagram page is @shadesbyjulietibrahim

A quote you live by?

Two favorite quotes I live by are: 

Do unto others as you want done unto you. 

Your luck is under your feet.

Words of encouragement to your fans?

When you believe, work towards it, stay determined, perfect yourself in whatever it is, then chase it until you achieve it.

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