Kemuel debuts with the release of a EP titled “ESCAPE”

In a time where music by Africans, is taking on the world by storm, a young and gifted
musician arises with the single aim to feed listeners with intentionally great feel-good

Kemuel, a Nigerian-born musician, debuts with the release of a EP titled “ESCAPE”.
Starting this cycle, was a sultry R&B record, “Champagne Girl”, followed by an upbeat
starter “Finally”, and now an orgasmic and solid 6-tracker with music created from the
heart of this gifted 23-year-old. All songs on the project were written by Kemuel and
produced by emerging producer, Wondah.

“Making this project was a journey for me. Being able to transcend emotions into
songs and melodies. Each track expressing the need, my need to feel safe, my need to
love and be loved.” – KEMUEL
Born on December 7th in the coal city, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Kemuel’s musical
journey started at the age of 17 when he joined the choir in his parents’ church, where
he played the piano, bass guitar and drums. His love for the arts also led him to study
Fine Art and Design from the University of Port-Harcourt.