LiGi: A force, A powerhouse – A Dynamo

There are artists who capture your attention, and then there’s LiGi – a force that leaves you utterly captivated. The first encounter with her music is nothing short of a revelation, an experience that defies expectations and provides you comfort. LiGi’s journey began with covers, showcasing her remarkable range and musical prowess. However, it was her single ‘Finish Me’ that truly shook us. Regardless of where you find yourself – be it in the depths of love, the aftermath of heartbreak, or navigating the complexities of a ‘what are we’ situation – ‘Finish Me’ offers a sense of relatability, a place where you can immerse yourself completely. In this exclusive interview, we caught up with the superstar herself to gain valuable insights into her journey. Join us as we delve into the world of LiGi and explore the story behind her music.

Can you please introduce yourself to our audience? Tell us a bit about who you are beyond the music scene.

Beyond the music scene, I am a Petroleum and Gas Engineering graduate, and I also own a fashion business. Music is my passion, but I’ve always had a diverse set of interests and pursuits that contribute to my creativity.

Your academic record is quite remarkable. Despite that, you chose to pursue music as a career. What inspired this decision?

Music has always been an escape for me. While studying petroleum and gas engineering, I didn’t feel fulfilled because I wasn’t following my true passion. I decided to complete my education to make my parents happy and then pursue music because that’s where my heart truly lies.

Can you share your musical journey with us? How did you first get interested in music, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

I’ve been interested in music since childhood. I was a member of my church and school choir, and I began writing songs using solfa notation in primary school. However, it wasn’t until I got to university and met other artists that I realized I could share my talent with the world. I wanted to inspire people by telling my stories through my music, and that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue music as a career.

You play quite a remarkable set of instruments. How do you incorporate live instruments into your music, and what role do they play in your recordings?

The instruments I play are an integral part of my music. I use my acoustic guitar, for example, to perform my music in a unique way compared to how it sounds on a record. Every time I perform with an instrument, I create a different experience and feeling. I also use these instruments to write and create the foundation of a song before recording, which helps producers understand the vibe I want to achieve.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind your new single “Finish Me”? What was the inspiration behind the song, and how did you develop its sound?

“Finish Me” was born from a deeply emotional experience. I was involved with someone to the extent that I felt overwhelmed, almost as if I was choking on my feelings. Music is my way of expressing myself, especially when it’s hard to communicate verbally. I picked up my guitar and began writing down my emotions. The songwriting process was a bit challenging because my emotions were intense, and I wasn’t in a clear headspace.

However, it was therapeutic. I posted a video of the song on Instagram, and the positive response gave me the courage to record it. Collaborating with producers Babybeats and OG Sterling was a fantastic experience that brought the song to life.

Authored by Neone Adebayo