Meet Randa Eissa,Egyptian Diva Set To Take It All!

Randa Eissa, an Egyptian Diva born in Saudi Arabia on 2/1/1989, grew up in Cairo, graduated from faculty of Maritime Logistics.

Randa is a Singer, Fashion Model, Accessories Designer & an Entrepreneur. Her love for Fashion made her start her new designer brand “Randivie” of Women Footwear, Handbags & Jewelries, as all products designer by her. She is the owner of Candy Chroma Studio in Lekki which is a Chroma Studio for music video clip shoots, TV programs, and others. She is also starting her own eatery brand called “Kiss Pizza” as the restaurant first branch is opening soon in Cairo, Egypt, and she is planning to open it in Lagos, Nigeria. Randa started modeling at the age of 18. In 2012, she won the title “Miss Sunsilk” as the best model at The Sunsilk Beauty Game in Egypt. 

Randa loves everything artistic. She is like Miss Wanna Do It & Have It All. she’s a workaholic, she is a fast learner, she wants to learn everything, too ambitious, never stop dreaming, never stop fighting to make her dreams come true.
Randa has two extremes, she can be too crazy, and too calm, she’s a kid at times, too dreamy, but keeps it real. She has many plans for the upcoming years, and she is up to where life will take her, she is not afraid to face the world and make her circle bigger.