Tanzanian prolific music duo Navy Kenzo is gearing up to make a lengthy return with a new LP project, their second studio album three years after their first debut in 2017.

The hit making music group has recently been missing in music action serving only one time singles here in there without any wording as to what their plans are moving forward; however a lot of that is about to change for sources close to the music duo have revealed that Navy Kenzo has been in the studio making what is summing up to be their second studio album.

“They have been working a lot lately, spending a lot of countless hours in the studio. They had a couple of songs which were initially intended for an EP project but there is just so much good music to ignore, it became hard to finalize the EP and decided to just roll out the content with a full album.”

It is uncertain yet how many songs this new album contains or what it will be named, but sources close to the duo assure us it is something worth waiting for: “Navy Kenzo are not the kind to make a lot of noise, they let the music do that for them. They are always recording, they always have something fresh in their archives, something guaranteed to blow you away. The content is amazing, it’s fresh, they are constantly raising the bar and re-defining the standard of good music. This new project is on a different element, the sound, production, thevibe.

They have really outdone themselves. It’s exciting!” 2019 had been quite an interesting year for the group, they released a couple of singles that indicated the Group was taking a new sonic direction and even performed at one of Africa’s biggest festival stages AFRO NATION GHANA whose results we’re told have dubbed interesting artistic relationships with artists from West Africa who may likely appear on this album. Our source insists that this maybe one of the reasons that inspired the new content of this anticipated project; “Ghana was an awakening experience for Navy Kenzo, the level of artistic connection made between them and some big performer names is mind blowing. They not only went to perform at AFRO NATION GHANA rather they connected with amazing artists and producers, I believe some of which we will be blessed enough to hear them on this new project. Like I said you should anticipate a new standard setting from Navy Kenzo. This new music is not about them or us, it’s about Africa. It’s music for Africa, just wait for it and keep up with their social media activities, it’s about to get interesting.”

The music group also recently took to social media with Kenyan radio personality Mzazi Willy Tuva to help contribute to renovations of a music studio in Kibera “8hoodmusic” that helps artists living in difficult bn circumstances record their music works and pursue their dreams and hinted on the possibility of the Album for June.

Navy Kenzo are yet to make an official Press statement concerning the coming of a new album but we can surely be on a look out for a new Navy Kenzo project soon.