You Are Beautiful! Yes, You!

Who defined beauty? Who says that looking a certain way is the perfect definition of beauty?

Ochanya is unhappy as she has been constantly struggling with her looks. You see, growing up people picked on her because according to them she was not beautiful enough; her features were too strong, they called her a ‘’handsome girl ‘’ (those that were trying to be nice). Social media bullies definitely did not make things easier for her and at some point you would have to actually come face to face with an online boyfriend right?

Ochanya focused her energy on grades in school to make sure they were beautiful to enable her get a scholarship to study abroad. She graduated college with flying colors but no it wasn’t enough as her looks could not land her a husband and her biological clock was fast ticking, all her friends were married and she was tired of constantly buying Asoebi (uniformed attire for weddings)
You can never be happy unless you have a husband, her MUM’S words to her made her really unhappy. She got a scholarship to study in France, see the world and just maybe at least a white man would see beyond her features as no Nigerian man gave her a second glance…

On getting to France, Paris ‘the city of love’ she decided to find happiness in the strangest places.
Will she find happiness in arts, food, music, people, or even in love?
Does she even find happiness at all?
Does she finally get to even define beauty?


Only you can make you happy as only you knows you and what can eventually make you happy.
Beauty should not be defined by the color of your skin or the texture of your hair.
This world would be a better place if we all could accept each other for the way we are….

The rate of depressed people is constantly on the rise, suicide is no joke as young kids and  adults take their lives just because….
Families are in mourning and in turn societies are in a state of disarray over such incidents. It is a serious issue in all parts of the world and should be taken seriously as social media is making the world a smaller place and drawing attention to these things.