Art Is An Expression And It Allows Me Share My Imagination With People…. Folagbade Sesan Momoh

Folagbade Sesan Momoh, a Nigeria-born “Self-Taught Multi-Disciplinary Artist” (Digital artist, Graphic artist and Fashion Stylist), also a Medical Doctor. He was also a DJ. Based in Moscow, Russia; hails from Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State. Born to the family of Mr. Momoh (an Event Photographer/Videographer) and Mrs. Momoh (Nurse). First of three children. He currently owns a Fashion-Shoot Production Brand.


Who is Mr. Folagbade Sesan Momoh?

A Self-Taught Multi-Disciplinary Artist. It is safe to say I am a Digital Artist, Graphic Artist and Fashion Stylist, with the Brand name “FOLRRY”. Art and Creativity is my thing. Asides pray and sleep, Art is something I cannot go a day without. I love to listen to music, watch movies and read. And yes, I make art every day, EVERYDAY. I love to get new ideas everyday either in Art or Fashion.

What does your work aim at?

My work studies the relationship and correlation between human, objects, shapes and forms along cultural and identity lines. By this I mean, Art exist to express.

What is the integral work of an artist?

I think “expression” is really an integral part of art. What is expressed and the means of expression is left to the artist. This is what I think, others might have a different perspective.

Why Art and how do you work?

Art is expression and it allows me share my imagination with people.

I create an initial basic artistic piece, as time goes on I create other artistic elements to have the full picture I envisioned. Most times, I do not know how the end piece would look like until I finish it. It takes weeks or it can be spontaneous sometimes


Why “FOLRRY” for a Brand name and what does it mean?

FOLRRY (FOL from my name; first three letters) and (RRY from ‘berry’). Means a fruitful desire. Yes.  (Smiles).


Describe a real life situation that inspired you or better still, still inspires you?

Life itself is an inspiration. I take inspiration from my personal experiences or that of persons I have witnessed. I cannot describe it all but my work sure does relive or live my experiences either past, future or present. If the end product addresses any form of issues, then I am really happy to have a plausible authenticity to my work.

What is the role of an artist in the society and the world at large?

Asides adding beauty to the world, we serve as a tool used to transmit expressions and realities while art itself is the portal to the thoughts of persons. My opinion though. Lol.

How do you seek opportunities and how have you developed your career so far?

I try as much as possible to be authentic with my art and post on social media. I believe the right people will find me. I pray and work, as well as hope the right people find me. But I fulfill my own part of the bargain which is working hard/smart and advert placement. However, the most important thing is not to miss opportunity and be prepared when it comes.

I currently have a gallery representation, I think that means something. I am an artist, developing my skill is continuous and has no time limit to it.

Why combine Arts with Fashion and what is your style philosophy?

I love Fashion and I love anything that has to do with creativity. Although I am a fashion Stylist and not a Personal Stylist, I love clear and detailed styles, minimalistic, subtle and vibrant. You know what they say, “less is more”. Styling a Brand solely depends on the style philosophy for me. I also try my best to envision what the clients would love to have and I bring it to live.

Why do you not practice medicine and are you still a DJ when need be?

As for practicing medicine, I am still trying to find where to fix that piece in the board. I just love to be referred to as an entrepreneur… So I view anything I do from a business perspective, including medicine.

No, I stopped DJ-ing… I didn’t see it fitting into my future but I still have the skills. Lol.


Professionally, what is your goal?

My goal is for my Brand “FOLRRY” to be given a world-wide, international recognition.

How did Family especially your Parents react to your choice of work, Art over Medicine?

It was not easy for family to come in terms with it. My Dad still wants me to be a Doctor but my Mom after seeing what I have done so far with my Brand, she came in terms with my line of work.

What memorable response have you received about your work that gave you positive Goosebumps?

Someone went “wow, I really relate to this piece and its title”.

Who influences you as an artist and a fashion stylist?

Jean Michel Basquiat’s life story really shaped my view and understanding of the art world and business. Also I admire Daniel Arsham and Morennike.

For fashion heroes are Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Raf Simons.

What Brands would you love to work with?

I would love to work with Balmain, Off-White, Raf Simons, Yeezy.

Any challenge(s) so far?

Initially, I had to deal with accepting my art just because I cannot draw. It got me reading just to understand what art really means… I once went for a fine-art artist exhibition and I met with old artists. Some really loved the work while others wondered what it was. Afterwards, I was settled. If my work can stimulate different people’s emotion, then it is an art.

Also, because I am self-taught, I learnt various techniques of digital arts. It was hard identifying myself with a particular art. But I eventually went with a wholistic form. I have full control of what goes into a blank canvas to make a final piece.

Prominent persons you would love to style?

Kanye West, William Pharrell and Tems.

Should Art be given more financial attention especially in Africa?

Art funding serves as a means of promoting the African Art Industry. Although the term “African Art” is just beginning to gain worldwide recognition. I think funding will go along way in achieving this. Also, I certainly believe Art should be treated like other businesses therefore every artist should be paid for a job.

Anything you dislike about the art world?

I do not like when people forces their opinion of art on people. I mean you can criticize but don’t dismiss.


Preparing for a museum exhibition someday?

For now, no but someday.

How can interested persons get to view your work and contact you?

Thank you. You can contact me via email, smofberry@gmail.com

On Behance, Folrry and on Instagram, @folrry & @folrrystyles.

Any advice for persons out there striving to be “Self-Taught Multi-Disciplinary” artist, be it in the Digital form or in fashion or both?

(Laughs) I am too young to give advice but I can say for sure; you know what you do, why you do it and also do you. Do not be influenced by other people’s opinion. Just be you and be smart know whatever you do.


Thank you for having me.

God bless SuperBold Magazine and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Content Writer: Agada Sokolayam Esq.

Cheif Editor: Mide Ajayi